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North America's leading vintage clothing destination. Icy is a curated premium vintage shop. Our offering includes unique 1 of 1 items and daily stock drops that can be viewed exclusively on our social media (@wearicy). 

The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. When you shop vintage, you are supporting environmental sustainability and helping to minimize toxic waste generated by fast-fashion production. If we waste less and recycle more, we can make a lasting impact on the world. With many vintage and gently-used clothes to choose from, there’s plenty of choices for a more sustainable wardrobe.

Help us in our mission to reuse, reduce, and reclaim 1 million items in 2023.


Meet our Team


Founder of Icy Vintage. Manik oversees all creative operations. He founded Icy Vintage in his 1st year university dorm room and dropped out of school to pursue his dream of owning a clothing store. 


Director of Design. Nehal oversees all design and technical operations. His creativity can be seen in all media and graphics. He's currently busy rebuilding our website from start to finish. 


Creative Director. Emma is the visionary behind our content and media. Her creative expression can be seen within our stock drops and photography. It's her decision as to whether or not your favourite team’s jacket will be released within a drop.


E-Commerce Manager. Emad is our curator and is responsible for the sourcing of our inventory. Every piece seen on our website has been hand-picked and curated by Paul. He is the human encyclopedia of vintage and our go-to expert for brand history.